About Us

2018 Board of Directors



Otis Whitehurst, Otis’ Merchandise Gallery
Cell: 704-466-4392
Work: 704-729-6134
Email: Otisw256@gmail.com

1st Vice President

Tony Glenn, Tony’s Service Center
Cell: 704-923-3640
Work: 704-629-5681
EMail: tonysservicecenter@yahoo.com

2nd Vice President 

Cheryl Bartlett, City of Bessemer City
Cell: 704-747-9151
Work: 704-629-5542
Email: Cheryl@bessemercity.com


Mary Lou Mauney, FMC Lithium
Cell: 704-689-0684
Work: 704-868-5523
Email: Mary.lou.mauney@fmc.com


Ron Grenier, Manufacturing Services 
Cell: 704-718-1107
Work: 704-629-4163
Email: rgrenier@msicarolina.com

Immediate Past President

Meg Tsambouniery, Dino’s Italian Pizzeria
Cell: 508-579-3228
Work: 704-629-3005
Email: dinositalianpizzeria@gmail.com



Michael Meeks
Cell: 678-596-4030
Email: MikeMeeks49@yahoo.com

Joel Simmons, BB&T
Cell: 704-460-7898
Work: 704-852-5805
Email: jsimmons@bbandt.com

David Hook, Adams and Hook CPAs, LLP
Cell: 704-729-4324
Work: 704-629-2211
Email: david@adams-hook.com

Josh Ross, City of Bessemer City 
Cell: 704-689-1541
Work: 704-729-6505
Email: jross@bessemercity.com

Brooke Randolph, Bubble Baths & Beyond
Cell: 704-300-8695
Work: 704-729-5068
Email: brooker1029@me.com

Robert Crouch, Self
Cell: 704-460-0178
Work: 704-629-5761
Email: Bobdoc1952@aol.com

Wes Brown, First Wesleyan Church
Cell: 704-689-9614
Work: 704-629-5286
Email: firstwesleyanbc@bellsouth.net

Dina Fauci, Bank of Ozarks
Cell: 845-206-1530
Work: 704-629-3906
EMail: dfauci@bankofozarks.com